Blog reviews and opinions: what’s the point?

I have just added my first blog music review, on the album Petit Fours by Grand Duchy. I even rated the album and gave it four-and-a-half stars out of five. The .gif images for the stars I shamelessly stole from Allmusic (most of the options were available from the front page. To get images for ratings below two stars I only needed to enter Limp Bizkit in the artist search engine).

Of course, I am hardly the only one who ever wrote a review. So why did I bother? For a number of reasons, really. On one hand, I feel some stuff is so good that everybody should know about it. On the other hand, I feel some stuff is so bad that everybody should know about it. But more importantly, when you read a review on this site, you’ll know who’s telling you. Review sections like those found on amazon or imdb are easily compromised, with publishers or others with an agenda adding rave or scathing reviews without honestly assessing the book / album / movie under review. You’re obviously free not to agree with or not to trust my reviews. If so, then just ignore them… Or even better, sit down and write your own reviews about stuff you’ve seen and read. The more people do so, the more it will stand out against the white noise from all those anonymous trolls and company stooges.

I’ve added a qualifier to my review(s), showing how often I’ve read / seen / listened to what I review at the moment of writing. This is either once, twice or often, and it should tell you how serious to take my review.

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