The header of this page shows the surface of Mars, part of a picture originally published here. I am too young by far to have witnessed the moon landing live on television. I can only imagine the sense of awe that people must have felt. I think the closest I got was when watching images of a little cart driving around on Mars, that were being broadcast over the internet. This weblog is devoted to that sense of wonder that rises from understanding nature and from those achievements that this understanding has made possible for mankind.

Surface of Mars

Also, the pristine beauty of Mars is a reminder what nature can look like when it remains untouched and unspoiled. On Mars there is no mountain top removal or tar sand pits, no great pacific garbage patch. Occasionally, I will post on environmental issues as well.

And if all that becomes boring, there’s loads of books and music and movies I want to tell you about…

about me

I work in astrophysics and study not Mars but gamma-ray bursts (radiation from massive exploding stars and mergers between a star and black hole -we think). I have lived in the Netherlands and Belgium and will live in the US starting March 2010, together with my wife and baby daughter. I maintain a professional website here.

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